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Sodium Sulphide Flakes Iron Free

Appearance : Yellow flakes

Chemical Analysis

Total Sulphide as Na2S 60% Min
Sodium Hydrosulphide as NaHS 2.5% Max
Excess alkali as NaOH 3.00% Max
Other reducing compounds as Na2S2O3 2.00% Max
Iron as Fe2O3 and Aluminium Compounds 0.002% Max
Sulphate as Na2S04 2.00% Max
Chloride as NaCl 2.00% Max
Water insoluble 0.30% Max

Packing : 25 / 50 Kg Polythene laminated H.D.P.E. bags.

Used as Depilatory reagent and in pharmaceutical Industries.
Used in obtaining the sulphur Black Dyes.
Used in Ore Floatation.
Used in Engraving and also used as analytical reagent.
Used for removing sulphur in viscous Rayon Industry.
Used in Industries to remove heavy metals from waste water.
Used in the manufacture of lubricating oils.
Used in the production of polysulphide elastomers.
Used in Synthetic cooking liquor.
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Sodium Sulphide Flakes Iron Free
Sodium Sulphide Flakes Iron