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Kadapa barium salts has accumulated good reputation
in the field of barium Chemicals Products. Kadapa barium
salts earned a very good
reputation in market for strong
and quality materials.
Kadapa Barium Salts
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Barium Sulphide
Barium Sulphate Pure
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Welcome to Kadapa Barium Salts
Kadapa chemicals established 2007 for producing Barium sulphide and barium carbonate. Now we started manufacturing sodium sulphide flakes and Barium sulphate. The company name changed into kadapa barium salts the company motive is supply with commitment, dedication and punctual in work. Customer satisfaction is the primary caution that we take up in order to deliver the products.

The Industry endeavours its achievements in large scale with full commitment in supplying Barium chemicals to end users. We are in this field for a period of 12 years We are successful in meeting up the market trends and have National wide distribution of our products .

Our vision is to provide QUALITY Products. When there is a quality there will be successful results.

Our motto is COMMITMENT and DEDICATION always boosts up to meet customer satisfaction.
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